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World #1 Practical Digital Marketing Course

This is a Practical Digital Marketing Course that will help you learn the most in-demand digital marketing skills, techniques, and tools needed to become a complete digital marketing expert.

In this live one-on-one Practical Digital Marketing Course you will be learning WordPress, search engine optimization, social media marketing, search engine marketing (pay-per-click), conversion rate optimization, analytics, content marketing, and email marketing.


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This practical digital marketing course will give you in-depth knowledge about the 6 main modules of Digital Marketing namely Content Creation, Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Search Engine Marketing(SEM, also known as Pay Per Click), Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and Analytics. It also covers all the important concepts like Conversion Rate Optimization, use of affiliate marketing & influencer marketing, process of generating & nurturing the leads, creation of Effective Funnels for higher conversions, and many more.

In this 4 week program you will learn digital marketing from the fundamental core principles. This program will clear all the fundamental basics first, as this will help you understand the advance digital marketing easily while you are practically implementing as the course progresses.

Anyone can learn digital marketing, it does not matter if you already are a business owner, looking to upscale your business or if you are a student, looking for a job or want to become an Entrepreneur. There is no age criteria to learn Digital Marketing as we have had students from every age category from 16 to 56, no doubt the goals they wanted to achieve were different but this course helped them achieve their goals.

It is 4 week one-on-one personalized coaching program, taken live on zoom. You get a practical hands-on experience on your own project which becomes a part of your resume which you can showcase. 

You also get an access to Training material, Videos recordings of the live classes and access to all the useful resources on the cloud provided.

After you have completed this practical digital marketing course, you will have a brand of your own which will help you for your own business. This project can also be used for showcase your work for business purpose or to acquiring a good job. As this project will define that you can bring in results for the brand you will be working for. (P.S. Companies prefer candidates who can bring in results, your project will make you an ideal candidate)

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Here you will get an introduction about digital marketing, the opportunities offered, modules of the subject, funnels, digital marketing workflow and the best ways to learn and become an expert.

WordPress Website Development

Learning from basic to advance level of WordPress website creation.

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Learning from basic to advance level of WordPress website creation



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Digital Marketing Certification

Digital Marketing Certificate

Everybody completing the course gets a certificate of completion from Deedn. This certificate is proof that you have learned, implemented, and mastered all the areas of Digital Marketing

Stay A Step Ahead

On completion of the course, you have a project to showcase and also a certificate from Deedn which will set you apart from all your competitions. 

Our Instructor

Dhruvil is a Digital Marketer, Website Developer, Graphic Designer, and a Film Maker. He loves teaching and believes that learning should be fun and not boring. He also believes in keeping his session as interesting as possible and with high energy. He takes care that the students who learn from him never forget as he teaches from the core concepts of the subjects.



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